Saturday, 24 March 2012

Week 13: Idaho

"Danny says we gotta go,
 Gotta go to Idaho,
 But we can't go surfin' 'cos it's 20 below!"
 - 'Danny Says',
 The Ramones

You get that? Leave the surfboard back in Hawaii buddy. Idaho is a landlocked state.

And frankly, I don't know anything about Idaho other than that. I could point out where it is, east of the Pacific states of Washington and Oregon, north of the weirdness that is Utah and the gaudiness that is Nevada, west of Wyoming, and south of the Canadian border. I suppose the most notable thing about it is that it then has a very weird shape to the north-east, where Montana takes a big ol' chunk of what was looking to be a nice regularly-shaped state. And the more I stare at it, do you know what I notice? That that section of border looks freakishly like Richard Nixon in profile. No, honestly. It really does. Check it out. You damn hippie.

Other than that my knowledge of Idaho is exceptionally limited. I think an episode of The X-Files was set there once. And I think they produce potatoes. Other than that I know nothing. Any other statements I would make about the state would be pure guesswork. I would suppose that it is rather mountainous and that Idahoans share their cultural traits rather more strongly with the Montanans and Wyomingians (?) than with the inhabitants of their other neighbouring states, but I am basing that on a grand amount of not very much at all. Probably more so than any other state so far, my journey to Idaho is a journey into the unknown. 

The three films chosen to educate me about this mysterious land known as 'Idaho' are:
  • Sun Valley Serenade (1941)
  • Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
  • My Own Private Idaho (1991)

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