Thursday, 16 February 2012

Week 8: Delaware

"Next stop Wilmington, Delaware,
 And there's a rumour Melle Mel'll be there..."
 - 'Postcards',

In one scene in Wayne's World giant postcards are projected onto the back of the set, allowing Wayne and Garth to pretend that they are in the likes of New York or Texas. "Imagine being magically swept away to... Delaware..." they say. They try desperately to think of something to say about the location. "Hi", they finally come up with, "We're in Delaware..." 

This is the definitive movie scene about Delaware. In fact, if you find any other - lesser - blogs about trying to find a film for each American state (one film mind you, just one) the film they always have to represent Delaware is Wayne's World precisely because of that scene, despite the fact that the movie is actually set in Aurora, Illinois. The rationale is clear: nothing ever happens in Delaware and no movies are set in Delaware.

How I laughed... until I discovered that it was true. Delaware is famous for one thing - it has no tax, meaning that lots of companies are headquartered there. Other than that, zip. Rhode Island is smaller, but I already have four films to choose between for that state. For Delaware I am really struggling.

I do have a potential list of three films. However, I warn you now that other than the first I may not be able to get hold of any others. They all seem to be small, indie productions that have never had a general release. But my favoured options are:

  • Fight Club (1999)
  • Mayor Cupcake (2011)
  • Trigger Man (2007)

Other potential films include The Dish & The Spoon (2011), Head Case (2007), Wrestling (2008) and The Ritual (2009). Don't hold your breath...

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